Nishi Techno-Sys

Powder Mixer

Price : INR 180,000.00 / Set(s)

Powder Mixer on offer is available in an assortment of specifications. The excellent material used in manufacturing is of top class quality. The manufacturing process is carried out by a team of skilled professionals who put their utmost efforts to ensure they produce the best possible quality.

Powder Mixer  –

  • Nishi Techno – Sys offering Powder Batch Mixer offers 100 percent uniform particle distribution, 100 percent uniform liquid coatings, the fastest cycle times, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption per pound of blended product per hour, and Mixers complete discharge with no segregation of blended products. Proprietary internal mixing flights create the forward & reverse  blending action. The gravity driven process produces a rapid, thorough blend while imparting minimal energy and intensity to the product. This kind of batch mixer give excellent blending quality. Continuous rotation gives blending cycle assures that all materials remain in motion and prevents segregation in batches of varying material densities.
  • Nishi Techno – Sys rotary mixer also used in any powder manufacture Detergent Powder Mixing Machine which are used in detergent industries for preparing "free flowing detergent powder ". The advance technology incorporated in main drive system by which will not spillage of material, and inclined mixer arms forcing material to move ups and down at low power consumption, time and labor saving. Nishi Techno- Sys offering


Type Solid - Solid Mixer
Model Number Mixer
Brand Name Seprexn
Application Solid
Product Type SS304
Mixer Type Horizontal